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NO. 88 - Happy Anniversary

Posted by TheTankTribune - September 3rd, 2023





Good Morning Newgrounds! Welcome to The Tank Tribune! On Newgrounds we have a lot to celebrate! A lot of Newgrounds projects have been celebrating their anniversaries, including myself! Yesterday I celebrated being on Newgrounds for 17 Years. That's nearly two decades. We look back on the Numa Numa Dance, Badgers, and Nyan Cat! The Robot Day winners were announced. The Newgrounds Money Gang is becoming a success with a new Salad Fingers movie on the horizon. Madness Day is creeping up. All of this and so much more! It just goes to show you that there is always something new happening on Newgrounds, made with love and dedication from its creators. I think that's what I like most about Newgrounds. With YouTube creators, there's always this huge team and it feels more marketable than entertaining. With Newgrounds, you know people are growing, improving, and experience this growth while giving the audiences of Newgrounds experiences they will never forget. This truly is a wonderful place to be. I'm glad all of you are here with me - and I'm happy to be here with you. Here are the hip happenings of Newgrounds!






@iWTBAT @MrAdry54 @Flamadour @MettaSeven @CheeseCakeStelar2004

@Dry @Vista-Sound13 @TaintedLogic @SlyceCaik @Basiator

@FJOB @Bosa @slowfreq @CootieGirl @StormyDew

@Tritnew @GotMyFury @BigBlueBazooka @Cacola @AureoCobaltYellow



NG Money Gang

Tom is toying around with idea of Newgrounds with disposable income to sponsor projects by big artists. The way it works is that the sponsors would get to decide if their sponsorship would go towards the project for a big artist or pass onto the next project for a different artist. The sponsored project would then be branded with the Newgrounds logo and would debut on Newgrounds one week before going anywhere else. It would also carry that Newgrounds logo elsewhere so it would bring users to the site.

It is like in the old days of Flash, where the Newgrounds preloader would be seen on Flash submissions, if another website swiped it and put it elsewhere, Newgrounds logo would still be on it. It would also help Newgrounds branch out more and be kind of like a studio in a way. Now again, this is just an idea. It is also only for those who can make big payments, the amount being $100 per sponsorship. If you can't make this kind of payment then don't despair and don't try to make a payment that you can't commit to. There are ideas getting thrown around on this. If you still want to support Newgrounds on a smaller scale, you can become a Newgrounds Supporter. If you have any ideas to share on this, then please post them in the thread.

The Fall of Newgrounds

@TomFulp has a follow up on the NG Money Gang. Money has been raised to gain sponsorship of another entry in @Doki's Salad Fingers series. It will be debuting on Newgrounds later this month! Madness Day is September 22nd, slowly approaching. The prize pool for all of the categories is growing!

Robot Day 2023 Winners

@MindChamber has announced the winners of this year's Robot Day! 1st Place went to the team behind Waha's Robot Daze, @rickropes, @Skoops, and @MaldivirDragonwitch. 2nd Place went to @CrossCarrasco for his song Quantize My Heartbeat (NGADM 2023), which as you've seen in the title is also his piece for the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch. And finally at 3rd Place goes to @ilikerobot for his art piece <<V>> [Practice] 2023.6.26. Congratulations to all of you!





<<V>> [Practice] 2023.6.26


Summer Fest, Alien Hominid HD and Too Many Browser Tabs

The Post Summer Fest, Tom had a huge post about what is happening on Newgrounds. Plus Office Visit Photos to see with @AlmightyHans, @BrandyBuizel, @The-Swain, @TomFulp, and @Luis, just to name a few. Alien Hominid HD is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch, which it will release alongside the new game in the line up Alien Hominid Invasion. The original can still be played here on Newgrounds!


The game LISA: THE PAINFUL RPG recently got a huge update. In celebration, @BooneBum and @Spinalpalm are hosting a collaboration. In the new definitive edition, campfire conversations were added. They're essentially scenes to flesh out the characters more. Here's one of the new conversations. The goal is to make more of them in akin to the collab Africa Dudes.

There are a number of rules and guidelines to follow when submitting your piece. See the full news post by clicking the pic above for more information if you're interested in being a part of this collab. The due date is November 28, 2023.

On September 1st, 2003, @TheWeebl graced Newgrounds with badger ver.1. This became widely popular on Newgrounds and took the Internet by storm, before YouTube even was a thing. TheWeebl has released a new movie to celebrate it's 20th Anniversary! Check it out below, alongside the original!


This week's featured artist is @ChrisOssu. He's been on Newgrounds for almost a year now. He has a web comic entitled Curious Ventures for Curious Folk. He also has a WIP thread and he does commission work! Check out his works below and his Ko-fi!


The Repair Man (Robot Day 2023)



@Gman250, better known as Gary Brolsma, has updated his iconic Numa Numa Dance for 2023. If you don't know what Numa Numa is here's the details. Gary Brolsma was just fooling around with his webcam and made a lip sync video to Dragostea Din Tei by the band O-Zone. This was back in 2004, which at the time YouTube didn't exist. Flash dominated the Internet. Gary uploaded his creation to Newgrounds. Unfortunately, the Internet is no longer the wild west that it used to be, so due to entries with copyrighted music getting cracked down on, it was removed. The history page still stands in its place though.


@Cubesona finished streaming for the NG Summer Fest. He's been working on the artwork for a new game entitled Hymn to the Earless God. An RPG where you explore a mysterious and hostile animal planet. He's working alongside Kasey Ozymy, creator of Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass. Check out the trailer below! If you like what you see, then you can help by backing the project on Kickstarter!

I GOT MARRIED, Recording is COMPLETE for Better Than The Book's upcoming album, more guitar videos + more!

@Jabun recently got married to his girlfriend of 10 years back in mid August. They had a wonderful wedding and reception. There was a mosh-pit, dancing, heartfelt speeches, it was an outright party. Jabun has also finished recording for Better Than The Book, his upcoming album. 10 tracks and 4 bonus tracks are in the editing phase now before mixing. He's also been releasing new guitar videos on YouTube. You can see the full playlist here! There's even more that Jabun is doing over on his Patreon if you wanna check that out. One item being a fully recorded demo of his song Rewrite which will be on his upcoming album!



Last year in Issue NO. 69, @GrantTheHierophant was putting out a casting call for the pilot episode of the show he was working on called Hellion: Oxenfree, which you can watch the pilot below! Now GrantTHeHierophant is running a GoFundMe for the second episode. The goal is $9,999. GrantTheHierophant has already raised $220 at the time of this post. If you can help, click the picture below to open the GoFundMe Page.


Rin and Len Takeover 2023

With the end of the Hatsune Miku Birthday Collab, user @TwisterzX0 wants to celebrate the 16th anniversary of Rin and Len, the Orange and Banana twins. The deadline is December 27, 2023, with the tag #rin-len-takeover2023. Follow the thread link and read the rules!



@TheInterviewer has returned, with the creator of Dynacore, Pain Reaction, and Fruity Tower. Check out the interview with @Prox276!

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On the latest episode of Off The Wall, @Aalasteir sat down with @Hyptosis talked about The Sagittarian series, the Hood series, working with @Afro-Ninja, and of course Alice is Dead.




When will it return -

The intent to finish off

What I have started?




Nyan Cat was a small Internet phenomenon back in 2011. The full story can be read here, the short version though is that Nyan Cat (originally Pop-Tart Cat) was based off of comic artist Chris Torres' own Russian Blue cat. It was suggested during a Red Cross Charity event that a cat be crossed with a Pop-Tart. YouTuber saraj00n created the Nyan Cat [original] video, using a GIF that Chris Torres would create, set to the song Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya by Daniwell-P and sung by Utauloid Momo Momone. Nyan Cat would eventually reach Newgrounds.

@WoodTick decided to take the artwork and music of Nyan Cat and put it through multiple genres of music. This would net him the Daily Feature, Weekly Users' Choice, and a spot on the Frontpage.

"My introduction to Nyan Cat was this amazing video I discovered on YouTube. If you didn't watch it, it's a Slipknot video with the audio removed and replaced with the Nyat Cat song, so from the beginning, I was already primed to hear the song in ways it was never intended to be heard. While I was obsessing over that Slipknot video, I did another search and found the "a cappella" version of the Nyan Cat song, in other words, just the vocals. And then I started thinking about all the cool things I could do with that, and that's when I had the idea to just cycle through as many genres as I could manage. Of course, I instantly wanted to turn it into a video as well, so I started brainstorming visual styles as I brainstormed musical genres. Pixel-art was a no-brainer, since I have some experience doing it, and the original Nyan Cat was done with pixel animation. For those of you who find this sort of thing interesting, there were a lot of genres that I wanted to do that didn't work out for one reason or another, like jazz, rap, baroque, and even a Simpsons version. The main problem was the tempo. I couldn't keep speeding up and slowing down in the middle of the song, so I had to stick with the original tempo, and a lot of those genres just don't work at that speed."


March 20th, 2013


It's my Birthday!!!

@Notakin celebrated his birthday last week! Wish him a happy birthday! Check out some of his works below while you're at it!


Here we have the latest people to come to Newgrounds! Whether they heard about us through a movie or game, a let's player or streamer, a friend or family member, or were a creator who has been shunned or mistreated on other platforms. Let's all welcome them to Newgrounds! Give them all a hello in the Greeting Club!

@Monae is our newest artist and writer on the site. She's looking to start doing digital art again, she may be posting some of it here on Newgrounds! We eagerly await to see what she has in store for the site!


Here are the Users of the Week for the week of August 27th - September 2nd. Congratulations to all of you!









2022: @Geoplex

2021: @gildedguy

2013: @MrVideogame

2005: @Aphex-Splangy


Welcome back to the Sunday Matinee. Where we highlight the movies from the Newgrounds Portal that have captivated the users of Newgrounds! This week we're taking a look at @DannyGoodShirt's yearly Halloween collab, Dr. Good's Operating Theatre. Enjoy! Watch the first collab below. Click the header above to load the rest!

This has been a huge celebration of Newgrounds past, present, and its future. It was a lot of fun putting together this week's issue, working on The Interviewer, really connecting with a lot of creative people on the site. I am really happy to be able to bring you the news of Newgrounds every Sunday. After posting my Weekly Review on my main page, I ended up calling Rex and talking. We'll be going shopping for 1920's clothing for a murder mystery party we're going to. He has been an absolute joy to talk to and be around. I think I'm starting to fall for him more and more. Who knows where the next day will take us. I'm just happy to be in his company. I'm happy to have been a part of Newgrounds for the past 17 years and everything this site has given me. I don't know where I would be or who I would be if it weren't for Newgrounds. Thank you to all of my patrons on Patreon. Thank you to all of my readers. I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday morning! To all those who say "thank you guys who run The Tank Tribune" - it warms my heart that you think there's this big team behind this paper. It is actually just one person, me. This paper is a labor of love, and a labor of fun. I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday morning and a happy Labor Day.

The Tank Tribune is a part of Dohn's Desk Productions





really appreciate the shoutout! Thank you so much! Also, now that I know the tank tribunal exists I'll probably be checking it out more often; it's really cool to keep up with what's going on with NG's community of creators and artists!

so stoked to be a featured musician again.

This was a chunky one. I enjoyed everything featured.

Que abre hecho para ganar USERS OF THE WEEK. alguien sabe?

I love this edition, so much great stuff to read about here!

@Starcat-Sama Necesitas ser un usuario activo, el resto es selección aleatoria.

tysm for the shoutout! time for the kagamines to strike

Thanks so much for sharing all my happy news :D Never thought my marriage would make the papers XD Always a pleasure to be featured!

Wanted to say thank you for shouting out Dr. Good! This year will be the 5th collab! Damn time flies.

Something something Clock Day

Thanks for the feature on the phonograph. Not a single track that I didn’t enjoy.

This is cool.
And thanks for putting me in the Featured Composers.

Nice one @RepriseAgain, and best tagline EVER @MetalSlayer69!

Happy 17th TGE!

What an awesome wedding photo @Jabun! :D

So much goodness going on around here overall...

Feels like one of the biggest strengths of NG compared to YT is how personal and close-knit the community is too, both staff and users, it's like one big happy family. Maybe it wasn't always, but it seems to be becoming more and more that way, like the OGs all went through their teenage Internet rebel phases and moved out and went independant and then... came back, started appreciating family values more; everyone grows together here now. We've amounted such a significant cultural history too. And make it easy to collaborate and create things that involve everyone. These tribunes showcase all of that in such a good way - past and present and real people.

Exciting times with all these sponsorships too, remember when Armor Games and Mochi featured everywhere, maybe we'll be the new new...

Great tribune.